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What You'll Get In The Think And Thin Program


  • Think and Thin 6 Week Tapping System - Value $995
  • Online Support By Our Certified Coaches - Value $97
  • The Binge Eliminator (Audio) - Value $29
  • No More Cravings Morning Tapping Routine (Audio) - Value $19
  • 300 Limiting Beliefs (Guide) - Value $19
  • Subliminal Brain Entrainment for Weight Loss Success (Video) - Value $39
  • The Naturally Slim Eating Plan (Guide) - Value $29
  • Guided Tapping to Kill Cravings and Lose Fat - Value $49
  • Just the Tapping - Audios - Value $49
  • Stop Self Sabotage Workshop - Value $199
  • 7-Day Tapathon Challenge Replays - Value $249
Total value: $1,772
Your Price Today: $297
Kristine, Think and Thin Student
“I used to drink 2 liters of diet soda a day, and for the past 4 months I haven’t had any. I have no desire for my usual favorites, even ice cream. But besides overcoming my sweet tooth, I have made unbelievable friendships with the other girls in the program.”
Erica, Think and Thin Student
“I’ve lost 20 pounds now! I’ve been off sugar for 2 months and I’ve been able to implement an amazing nutrition program after completing the Think and Thin program. I’m doing food intolerance testing and able to stick with it because I realize how much better I feel. I know that I would not have been able to stick with my nutrition program if I hadn’t done all the emotional work because I had tried and failed so many times before.”

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